Juice Cleanse 

A juice cleanse is the best way to boost metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and burn fat! This cleanse is specifically designed to eliminate toxins and harmful waste which accumulate in your skin and organs. When juices are taken in order, your organ function should improve. Our cleanses are made from local fresh squeezed fruits and veggies. Side effects are often weight lose and clearer skin. Most customers report more energy due to the increase in vitamins and minerals that this cleanse provides.

Process: You will drink 6 Live Fit juices per day. Space them out 2 - 3 hours apart. 

Make sure to drink plenty of water in between each juice!

If you still feel hungry, you can add 1 raw “meal” per day. This meal can be either a piece of fruit or raw vegetable.

For best results, do not add anything else to your daily nutritional intake, that included caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

You should always consult your physician before starting a juice cleanse and ask them if a juice cleanse is right for you. 


Allow 24 hours for production before picking up your cleanse. 

JUICE PICK UP: Our juices are made fresh to order, they will be good in your fridge for 72 hours. 3 days at a time will picked up by you from Pelican Athletic Club 7 days a week.

Click below to order and pay for your 3 day or 6 day cleanse. 

Email Ryan@livefitsmoothies.com with questions.  

  • Allow 24 hours for production. 
    Free Delivery in Mandeville.
    Add $7 to neighbor city's.
    No Deliveries Saturday.


  • Pick up at Nutrishop Northshore also Available

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