Check out these champions that have changed their lives due to regularly eating live fit meals and juices.

Tory Williams Jr

FIT LIFE Athlete: Tory "Humble Beast" Williams Jr 
• Professional Olympic Style Boxer

With multiple National and World Champion wins,  Live Fit is honored and proud to sponsor the "Humble Beast." Tory is a professional boxer who is currently undefeated as a professional. He has won multiple national titles. Some of his accomplishments include;  silver medalist in 2015 National Golden Gloves, and USA Bronze Medalist. He is working his way to the top for a world title. 

Tory says, "This sport has changed my lifestyle in only positive ways." This led him to become a trainer to inspire others to change their lives for the better. He makes it his personal mission to lead and train the Northshore community so they may improve their lifestyles both physically and mentally.

A message from Tory: "I'm now asking the Northshore to support my growth as an athlete; as I could help you change your fitness lifestyle for the best. If you need help with weight loss, toning, self-defense, or even increasing your fitness levels." He is currently the Director of Ringside Boxing Club located inside CrossFit Francos. Located at 1801 N Causeway Blvd Mandeville La, 70471.

If you would like Tory's services as trainer or even interested in becoming a Proud Sponsor feel free to contact Tory.

Phone: (318) 499-0577


Instagram @Mr318KountryBoy

Megan Lassus

Co-owner at CORE Fitness Academy.
Megan is a mother and business owner. She is always on the run because she also is a 3rd year member of the Pelicans Dance team and is finishing up her last year in school in Nutrition Science. Some more awesome stuff about Meg is coming soon.. 
She eats Live Fit Meals when she needs quick clean protein dense entrees. Ask her about her favorite supplements or about personal training at CORE Fitness Academy at      

Juice Cleanse Customers

Hundreds of health conscience customers have tried and loved our juice cleanses. 

A juice cleanse is the best way to boost metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and burn fat! This cleanse is specifically designed to eliminate toxins and harmful waste which accumulate in your skin and organs. When juices are taken in order, your organ function should improve. Our cleanses are made from local fresh squeezed fruits and veggies. Side effects are often weight lose and clearer skin. Most customers report more energy due to the increase in vitamins and minerals that this cleanse provides.

Sarah DeVillier

This hard working mom stays in shape by weight training 5 times a week. She is inspired by her daughter and her favorite quote is "Don't wait for opportunity. Create it."
She works full time at Netchex helping companies streamline their Payroll and Human Resources needs.
Email her to see how
Live Fit is her healthy on the go solution. She loves that all the ingredients are fresh. Sarah's favorite smoothie is Honey Bee Nut and she is also a fan of the Turkey Avocado Wrap!

Message from the founder

Live Fit Founder: Ryan Miller 


I would like to personally thank everyone who has tried our products. We are here to support the community and we are grateful that it has supported us. Together we can do great things. Live fit is here to help you make healthy eating as easy and delicious as possible. If I can help you in any way please email me


Ryan says, "Achieving goals in life takes preparation and consistency. If you are not prepared then you will certainly fail. Let us prep meals each week for you." He believes in the quality of Live Fit products and they fuel his workouts and his passions. He is always striving to bring added value to his customers. He would like to emphasize the idea that, eating healthy does not have to be a struggle or feel like a sacrifice. If you would like help with improving the quality of your diet feel free to contact him